Do you know your panel boarding?

Do you know your panel boarding?

Pointless Question

Having recently caught by chance an episode of the BBC gameshow Pointless, we were intrigued to see a question on panel boarding. Luckily for that contestant, the winner knew his stuff, and went on to win the prize thanks to his knowledge that MDF stood for Medium Density Fibreboard.

At Timberworld, we certainly know our panel boarding and these uncelebrated wood products are vital to all construction and renovation projects, large or small. Timberworld has a range to suit all panel boarding needs and should you ever find yourself answering a question about panel boards, then our range is worth a look.


The perennial favourite of builders and diy-ers, chipboard comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and is adapted to a range of uses. Whether that’s for larger construction projects, or as furniture grade chipboard, we offer a selection of thicknesses and sizes. We’ve ensured that we have adapted our range of sizes in chipboard sheets to fit with most requirements. We know our chipboard, and recognise what is needed. It goes without saying that all our chipboards fit with our environmental ethos of only using sustainable wood and it’s a fantastic example of utilising excess wood product. 


Flooring chipboard is again, a must-have in a construction project. New floors are easy with the tongue and groove fittings pre-cut for easy installation, and with a range of sizes to fit across varying joist measurements, we can sort all your flooring requirements. Our flooring chipboards come with PFB resistance for those wet areas, and PCX Peel Clean Xtra for keeping your project super clean.

Know your OSB from your Plywood

OSB board, or Oriented Strand Board (watch out Quiz question setters!) is a versatile alternative to plywood and is useful for structural work. Good for room divisions and roofs, we will have the measurements to fit with your plans. If plywood is your preference, we have one of the largest ranges, with Birch, Far Eastern Marine, Finnish Spruce and Hardwood faced Poplar to choose from. Plywood is excellent for joinery, shelving and boxing-in and there will be a project within you for which plywood is brilliant.


The smooth finish of our MDF makes those home projects far easier, and MDF is often a preferred material whether you’re a novice diy-er or an old hand. Once used, the veneered MDF is easy to paint and it is flexible, adaptable, and provides great value for a whole host of décor projects.  Timberworld offers no less than 12 grades of MDF, so we’re confident we will have the MDF for you.

Customer Feedback

Want to know more about our extensive range of timber panel products which also includes Hardboard and Pineboard, all with verified Customer Feedback? Then check out our website or ask our experts to recommend what panel product will suit your needs. This is the time to kick-start that banquette seating, box-in unsightly pipes, give function to an unloved corner or add storage with some of the best timber products on the market.

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