Like the Sound of Noise Reduction?

Like the Sound of Noise Reduction?

At Timberworld we’re all about providing simple solutions to your development or larger commercial project. With many residential and commercial developments being built close to transport links and major infrastructure, we have the solution to sound reduction in all its forms, whether that’s to shield residential occupants from road noise, wind and even snow, or enable commercial or industrial developments to be built close to transport or near residential settings, our dBFence Acoustic Fencing is an attractive and simple solution.


dBFence Acoustic Fencing is manufactured at our Hebburn facility, laboratory tested in accordance with British Standards with our wood always adhering to our usual strict environmental guidelines, so your sustainability credentials can rest easy. Check out the details here and see which system would work for you Acoustic Fencing with a choice of panels, posts and boards. Our dBFence Acoustic Fencing can be seen on highways and motorways, residential, commercial and industrial developments, venues and stadia, construction sites and airports, adding value and a quality look to your development. Dependent on your choice of treatment specification, this fencing comes with a 10 or 25 year guarantee so you know it’ll last and continue to do its job.

Looking good …

Perfect for residential, our acoustic fencing blends in with its environment as the wood weathers, without losing its acoustic integrity. A brilliant shield from motorway noise as well as prevailing weather, our fencing gives up to 28dB noise reduction and a design Wind and Snow of 0.4kN/m2 in exposed sites, (see our BS testing standards here  British Standard Laboratory testing). These components are easy to install, with a choice of wood or steel posts dependent on need and location, and they also give a high degree of privacy to deter trespassers and intruders, with a more natural look. Our joints are always tightly locked so sound is lifted over the fence to give you peace of mind whatever your location or acoustic needs. 

Sshhhh …..

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