Why we use wood for construction

Why we use wood for construction

There’s a reason why we use wood for construction – it has been a preferred building material for a thousand years or more, and why archaeologists often come across evidence of wood structures from as far back at the Bronze Age.

Wood is tough, it’s durable and versatile. It is often claimed that beams in many period houses were originally masts in ships which originally took to sea a few hundred years ago. On occasion this is true, but sometimes it’s a tall tale, and these beams were just hewn from locally sourced wood – this famous ‘mast story’ just fits well with the durability of the wood and the look of those beams.   

Wood Awareness

Once in plentiful supply to those Bronze Age hunter-gatherers, today the supply of wood is carefully managed to ensure this superb natural material continues to be sustainably available and remains one of the country’s favourite materials for a myriad of uses.

All our wood and timber products are responsibly sourced and we constantly strive to continually improve our environmental performance.  Our branches hold chain of custody status meaning we only source and supply sustainable timber, meaning we help to preserve the world forests and promote effective forestry management.

Less is More

One of our best sellers is the classic range of Timberworld Sawn Treated Timber. Pressure treated, with Tanlith E. and available in various sizes, this wood is exceptionally water resistant – perfect for fence posts and garden edging – or anything set within or against a matter which retains moisture, such as earth. Prices start at £1.10 plus VAT per length across a variety of thicknesses and lengths. We’re proud to say that these treated timber products are the backbone of our timber supply.

What is Tanalith E?

Tanalith E is an innovative product and process (pressure treatment to impregnate the wood, i.e. tantalising) that has revolutionised the long term preservation of wood. Containing copper and organic biocides (triazoles), when impregnated into the timber, the preservative components bond with the wood giving it a potential lifespan of around 30 years outside, and double that, inside. This is without any additional preservation, such as staining and painting. 

Too much detail?

Let us sort out the treatment and provide you with timber that lasts, doing just the job you want it to do. Forward on a few thousand years, and those Bronze Age hunter-gatherers may well have appreciated our commitment to forestry management as well as the science behind our timber’s longevity. We will never know!

For more information or to purchase our great value range, visit Timberworld Sawn Treated Timber