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The versatility of Feather Edge Boarding

Now you know what it's called, you'll notice it everywhere - feather edge boarding.

Light as a feather, strong as an ox!

There are few residential locations in the UK that do not feature some kind of feather-edge boarding – the classic panel overlay fencing style that has a multitude of uses; retains our privacy, hides unsightly areas, or borders a garden. Once you notice one, you will notice all!

Feather-edge boarding, or close-board fencing, is one of our mainstays at Timberworld – these single panels, available in natural green or brown, come in a variety of sizes to suit every need and we sell everything else you’d need to ensure that fence withstands the onslaught of the elements beautifully. Check out this traditional favourite at Feather Edge boarding at Timberworld

What are they good for?

They make a perfect backdrop to create a unified look in smaller gardens.  These versatile panels provide a brilliant barrier for privacy with a natural or stylised look. They are also excellent for dividing space, hiding unattractive bins, bikes and general garden items, and giving you the privacy you might be craving in these unexpected times.

Prices start from as little as £1 plus VAT per panel, and with delivery free for orders over £400 or a free click and collect service at one of our depots, there’s a good incentive to get that garden sorted. 

Maximise a Small Space

Using the same materials, textures and colours within a garden, especially in smaller spaces, can give an impression of a larger space and here’s how you can maximise your small space. Using the feather-edged panels behind a raised flower bed built from similar timber or using a comparable finish and colour in decking, gives a uniformity which can be enhanced with summer plants, or evergreens such as Box for those winter months. It’s very much the look of the 21st century, but it’s durable and its good looks will last.

Go Large

If you’re lucky enough to have larger outdoor space, then the feather-edge boarding is a great value way to frame a garden and looks good whatever our weather throws at it.

These panels are also perfect for you to add your own mark, using a variety of wood stains or paints to give the natural wood feather-edge panels a personal touch. Remember, lighter colours can give the impression of length by ‘pushing’ the fence away from the eye, and darker more vibrant colours ‘pull’ your fence towards you. However, using the same darker colours can also work well in small spaces, and with the addition of clever planting, placing of garden furniture, and outdoor lighting, a cosy well maintained backyard, edged with our panels, can give you that outside room you’ve been craving in lockdown.

Go with the Flow

Easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to fit to your needs, these feather-edged panels are adaptable for all spaces and can be cut around existing trees or structures which you may share with your neighbour. They are one of the few fencing choices that suit urban and rural settings and that’s why they are the nation’s first choice. Worth keeping an eye out for them, they are everyone’s favourite!

Check out all our gardening and landscaping products here and be inspired!

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