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Timber mouldings – shout out for the little guys

Our small timber products need some recognition too.

A survey* informed us that the British population redecorate their living rooms every 25 months, with a quarter of us house proud people living in a constant state of redecoration. Bedrooms are updated every 29 months, and hallways every 45 months. What’s driving this trend?  House Beautiful magazine consider it a blend of people’s tastes evolving, others following interior trends and seasonal updates. Perhaps there is an element of just wanting to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ within all of this? Either way, 19% of us apparently just enjoy the process. At Timberworld, we have a myriad of customers, with different needs and reasons behind their choices, that’s why we enjoy the loyalty of good customers who return again and again to ensure they get great value and great choices, and we’re always proud to be able to help them on their house proud journey.

Timber Mouldings

These seemingly innocuous elements of home DIY don’t have an immediate ‘must have’ quality, but certain decorative features can make a real difference to a home. This may not be on an individual basis but clever work with mouldings, panelling and edging can certainly bring a blank space alive, give existing doors a quality feel and draw the eye to shelving and cupboards. Our timber mouldings are the perfect addition to your DIY list of must-haves, they’re easy to purchase, apply and paint. We think timber mouldings deserve more recognition!

Small Things Can Make the World of Difference

There is a reason why many buyers are looking for period features – they add a quality feel that we might expect from a Georgian or Victorian property.   There’s no reason that a house of any era can benefit from those same looks, adapted to fit with our 21st century lives.  At Timberland, our ranges of skirtings, internal and external doors, and quality door handles, can immediately give a room or house a level of quality finish.  If you’re investing in new doors, an architrave can add to the perfect look.  We all know the adage that buyers have made up their minds at the front door, so we think everyone putting their key in their own lock, should feel that very same feeling.   In previous blogs, we have included reference to the value that’s added by decking, garden seating areas, sheds and other landscaping additions to bring your outside space alive …. so let’s hear it for French Doors – surely there’s no better way to get out there!  

*Check out the survey here

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