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Work Tops Take On a Whole New Meaning!

Noticing some changes needed in your kitchen now you're home working?

Kitchen Work tops – more of a desk than a food prep area?

A recent poll* stated that an average person today spends no more than 60 minutes per day preparing food in their kitchen. This is apparently 45 minutes less time than our parents and grandparents spent doing just the same. Today, kitchens are far more than just a food prep area – they are the heart of the home, often include chill-out areas, and have now often become a focus for home-workers, many of whom are managing their work from the kitchen table. Kitchens have always been important, but now we are seeing them from a whole new angle!

More than just a Kitchen

If you’re spending time reorganising your background to give your colleagues or clients the best view during your Zoom calls or just wondering how you can improve your kitchen with minimum effort and expense …. It is the time to reassess your kitchen space and bring some sparkle back. Timberworld offers a range of versatile and good value laminate work tops for the kitchen. Made from high pressure laminate to create a highly durable and hygienic surface material perfect for the kitchen environment, they are a quick fix to give a kitchen a whole new look, but at the fraction of the price of a brand new kitchen. 

Warm Up with the Wood-look

Check out our Verve Mountain Oak Square Edge work top or the Verve Colmar Oak high performance kitchen worktops, created from fine quality timber with modern manufacturing techniques combining strong visual effects with functional performance. Alternatively the Verve Mystic Pine Square Edge with a subtle grey charcoal colouring or the Scandi look Verve Hickory worktop which gives a light bright feel, will give you the warmth of wood beautifully showcasing its natural lines. 

Looking for some Pizzazz

Our superb range of slate and granite style laminate worktops can certainly add the sparkle you might be looking for. The Verve Grey Sparkle worktop is super hardwearing, and offers a combination with a lighter grey to give you a vibrant pattern. The Verve Granite postform is a combination of deep black and grey, manufactured with a super high gloss to reflect light around your kitchen. Don’t forget your upstand! Adding an upstand or a splash back in the same or contrasting material can give you that finishing touch.  Stand up for your upstand, it’s worth the effort.

Mix it Up

Super on trend, is the multi-worktop surfaces within a kitchen – time to delineate your food prep space, from your chill out breakfast bar. Our worktop surfaces can work exceptionally well together, and can give you different options even in the smallest kitchens. We love using a granite style worktop around wet areas and cooking spaces, but also love the contrast of warm oak on other areas such as islands and breakfast bars. This month, we love the look of the Verve hickory worktop contrasted with our Verve Megara Postform. Be bold and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Timberworld offer an excellent range of worktops to suit all tastes and budgets. Free local delivery for orders over £400.

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*Poll: The Independent https://bit.ly/38sx51S

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