Conditioned Structural OSB 3 CPD Compliant FSC - 18 x 600 x 2400mm

Sanded and machined to exact tolerances, SterlingOSB3 T&G delivers. You get the same high quality product – board, after board, after board. So forget about knots or voids spoiling your plans. And just get on with the job, with a board that’s engineered to deliver.
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This board has a hard-wearing Tongue and Groove profile. This makes it perfect for platform floors – anything you build on top will be resting on the proven strength of SterlingOSB3 T&G. SterlingOSB3 T&G is BBA approved and is widely used in house building. What’s more it is recognised by NHBC technical standards and Zurich Municipal for housing applications.
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More Information
Length (mm)2400 mm
Width (mm)600 mm
Thickness (mm)18 mm
CertificationFSC® Certified
Type of boardOSB
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1 metre (1m) is approximately 3ft 3in (39.37in). 1 inch when converted to metric is 25.4mm.

However, when purchasing timber, you will find that there is usually a slight difference between the actual conversion measurement and the measurement used, for example, items measuring 1 inch may be sold as 25mm. Because the industry conversion is fractionally different than the actual imperial conversion, you should always measure in metric (mm, cm, m) to avoid any measurement mistakes.


Imperial (inches) Actual (mm) Conversion (mm)
1 25.4 25
2 50.8 50
3 76.2 75
4 101.6 100
5 127 125
6 152.4 150
7 177.8 175
8 203.2 200
9 228.6 225
10 254.0 250
11 279.4 275
12 304.8 300
24 (2ft) 609.6 600
36 (3ft) 914.4 900
48 (4ft) 1219.2 1200
60 (5ft) 1524.0 1500
72 (6ft) 1828.8 1800
84 (7ft) 2133.6 2100
96 (8ft) 2438.4 2400