Price Changes 

We are working hard with our suppliers to lessen the impact and frequency of these increases; however, there are global challenges which continue to drive prices upwards:

  • Exceptionally high demand for timber products from home improvement and house building sectors
  • Timber production, like many other sectors, has been hit hard by the COVID Pandemic.
  • There have been a lot of weeks when nothing was being produced.
  • High demand for home improvement products ie fencing, landscaping, kitchens, bathrooms and hardwood flooring


Panel Products

Product Category Price Change Eff. Date
Egger P5 Chipboard +24% 1st January 22

Joinery Products

Product Category Price Change Eff. Date
Unilin Flooring +7%-16% 1st February 22
Unilin Flooring +5%-7% 1st January 22

Building Materials

Product Category Price Change Eff. Date
Freefoam +8% 1st February 22
Velux +5.3%-12.2% 1st February 22
Tembe +2%-20% 1st February 22
T I Midwood +2.5% 1st February 22
Knauf Insulation +12.8%-14.8% 1st February 22
Cemex (Lime) +18% 1st February 22
Birtley +10%-15% 1st February 22
Frisco +6% 10th January 22
Clark Drain +10-35% 1st January 22
Ancon/Leviat +5-20% 1st January 22
Tarmac Cement +25% 1st January 22
Haemmerlin +12% 1st January 22
F P McCann +14% 1st January 22
Etex (Siniat) +8%-18% 1st January 22
Bostik +5%-30% 1st January 22
Everbuild +8-28% 1st January 22
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