Get Head Space, Get Shed Space

Get Head Space, Get Shed Space

Get Head Space, Get Shed Space

In April, the nation’s Best Shed Award has been announced.  Shortlisted sheds included a yoga studio – perfect for virtual yoga classes and a space to enable the owner to chill following postnatal depression - a bar - everyone’s favourite lockdown destination complete with optics and bar stools -  and a mindfulness shed created by a care nurse who used her shed as a go-to location to take stock and enjoy the peace and quiet of her very own space.  As she said, it enabled her to take a break from the daily job and find the head space too.  Once sheds were used to purely house tools, wellies and bikes – and admittedly often providing an opportunity for time away from the rigors of life – but now they can be a sanctuary and we can inspire you to create the shed that gives you that down time you might be craving.

Top Tips for Creating your own Shed of the Year!

Our gardens are often our place of retreat.  However, our unpredictable weather means that a shed can often come into its own!  Timberworld offers a range of Forest Garden sheds – suitable for a variety of needs and spaces – don’t think storage, think shed creativity!

Don’t despair if your simple shed doesn’t boast electricity, running water and wifi – embrace all that the basic shed offers and be inspired.  If you have a window, frame it with classic gingham curtain. Take your chosen piece of fabric which should measure at least twice the width of your window and roughly 2 inches or 5 centimetres more in length.  Hem the top and bottom (and sides if you’re looking for the complete look), and feed the top hem on to a piece of string or curtain wire.  Screw in the two hooks approximately 1 inch/2cm above the window and 1 inch/2cm from either side, stretch the curtain wire across and bobs your uncle, your curtain is ready.  You can also use the curtain wire to create a blind, which you can roll and tie up.  Both will look lovely from the outside. Quick tip to give you that additional finished look is to sew two pieces of contrasting fabrics on either side by sewing inside out with seams around the outside, turn inside out – quick stitch to finish off – and you’ve got a double-sided curtain or blind.  The sewing bee would be proud!  If you want some additional privacy while the door to your shed is open, create a longer curtain across the door from the inside using tiebacks, or go retro, and fit the classic slat style curtain which are currently all the rage. 

Add a comfy chair – there’s no need to be uncomfortable but ensure it will fit through the shed door.  Add a second if you enjoy company, and a small table can be easily made from an old pallet or an old stool, with a piece of wood or an old tray affixed with a simple central nail.  That up-cycled look is very on trend and your shed is the perfect space for the look.  Got a rug, keep it snug in the winter and add fairy lights (use the solar charged lights if necessary, just ensure your charger is accessible to light) to make it extra cosy.  Remember, if you don’t want to find furry friends making your shed a home, ensure your door is shut overnight and any food or drink is kept in tamper proof containers.  We love Kilner Jars for biscuits and Swing top bottles for liquids.  A cork or a plastic container is never completely nibble-proof! 

Shed Love

Limited space, or maximum garden space, Timberworld has the shed for you.  You might need to include the odd pair of wellies and some gardening equipment, but make that space for you.  There’s nothing better than a view from a shed – and if it’s cosy to boot, you’re almost there.  Check out our full range of Forest Garden ideas here.



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