How to Give Your Room a Wow!

How to Give Your Room a Wow!


It’s a given that a larger window extends the feeling of space within a room.  It’s important to allow as much light into a room as possible and extending a view point to the outside – whatever that viewpoint may be – is the way ahead to maximise a window.  Why not go one step further? The classic French doors enable you to not just admire the view, but walk right into it.  They are both door and window, they’re stylish, functional and well, just add a touch of ‘wow’ to a room.


Why ‘French’?

The term ‘French doors’ – usually a pair, often external, resembling long windows – did not arguably originate in France, but opinions differ.  What is fact is that within the 17th century the Renaissance architectural style embraced these glass windows which additionally opened allowing access.  They were both decorative and functional.  Usually wood, they often included wrought iron, and became attractive additions to a façade and often signified the wealth of the occupant.  Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, but our modern day sensibilities demand practicality combined with style. At Timberworld our ‘French doors’ come in a variety of sizes, prices and looks and can give a room that focal point you’re after.


Why Choose ‘French Doors’

As well as enabling light to flood your room and reveal that viewpoint to extend the space (as if that wasn’t enough!), French doors can be super practical.  Available in oak, in a natural shade or white with a variety of fittings, our French doors also come in obscure glass, to retain privacy but keep that light streaming in.  These doors are also brilliant for the front of the house so you can keep your interior private but benefit from twice the light that a traditional window allows to penetrate.  These doors are also really easy to install in an existing house or utilise within an extension, and are perfect either alongside or instead of a back door, working well within lounges, home offices and kitchens, and access on to balconies, decking and patios.  


How to maximise the ‘French door’ look … from the inside

Similarly to a fireplace, the eye is drawn to them so frame with stunning curtains or ensure the path to them isn’t cluttered with furniture.  Top tip is to ensure the curtains – or even blinds – do not hinder the access through the doors.  It’s the illusion of space and fluidity we’re looking to achieve so make sure your curtains pull back far enough to allow easy access.  Our doors come in a variety of window combinations, so check what would work best for your space – thinking about inside and outside. Finally, check your doors are able to open fully without obstacles in the way, such as plant pots and ornaments. It’s one sweep, and you’re outside. Magnifique!

For more information on Timberworld’s French external glass doors, visit Timberworld website and get that ‘wow’!


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