Why is the Price of Timber Rising?

Why is the Price of Timber Rising?


At Timberworld we are constantly reviewing our prices and working hard to ensure we have a steady supply of timber for our customers.  Whatever your needs, major construction or small domestic projects, our aim is to give you as wide a choice as possible at our best price.  Unfortunately all timber supplies are affected around the world and the reasons behind this global price rise?  It’s all down to supply and demand.


How Has Covid Affected Supply and Demand?

Covid-19 has meant that timber production was limited during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and now with many projects kick-started in early 2021, the supply has yet to catch up with demand.  40% of the UK’s timber supply comes from Sweden and much of their timber is currently being held back for their own domestic projects.  With limited supply, prices have risen globally.  This rise in timber prices is across the board and we need to reflect these price differentials just as all other timber suppliers.  We’re constantly looking at our pricing to ensure we can give our customers the best market price and we are looking at our sources on a daily basis to navigate pricing on your behalf.

UK demand remains high with an astounding 48% of UK households carrying out some restoration projects during lockdown which represented a spend of over £100bn


What can you do?

Make sure orders are being placed well ahead of time to stand the best chance of product delivery. Look at product alternatives e.g. composite rather than timber for decking, cladding or facades.


What We Will Continue to Do

In addition to monitoring pricing, you can be reassured that our ethos of sustainability remains unchallenged.  All our timber achieves the highest environment standards, with FSC® and PEFC™ Certification. Our wood can always be traced from legal and sustainable sources, plus our products all meet the UK Government CPET approved timber procurement policy.  These standards will never be compromised.

Our levels of quality control and in-depot service remain a priority. Our teams are briefed and aware of the current pricing issues and will be available to help you at every turn.  It is our priority to be clear on worldwide situations that affect our customers and we are committed to being open on our prices.  We are hopeful that the costs and supply of timber around the world will return to normal just as soon as possible. Rest assured that when this happens, you’ll be the first to benefit.

For more information on our sustainability credentials, please visit Environment


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