Metsä Spruce Weatherguard Plywood - 2400 x 1200 x 9mm

Upgraded construction plywood with water repellent surface Metsä Wood Spruce WeatherGuard is softwood plywood with hydrophobic surface. During construction the weather conditions vary and the building materials can be exposed to reasonable amounts of rain water. Good construction site planning takes protection from the weather into account, and protects all moisture-sensitive building materials.
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Spruce WeatherGuard is an ideal product to minimise absorption of free water during construction work.

The surface repels rainwater and therefore reduces the amount of water absorbed by the panel during construction work. At the same time, the surface allows the panel to breathe and water vapour to move freely. WeatherGuard treatment does not affect the strength properties, slip resistance, reaction to fire or corrosion of the fasteners compared to untreated spruce plywood. Use of Spruce WeatherGuard ensures faster building time and energy savings over any untreated alternatives.

It is essential to allow all wood-based components to dry before the components are fitted into the final structure. Otherwise moisture can lead to dimensional deformations, decrease of mechanical properties and eventually cause biological damages. Spruce WeatherGuard dries faster than untreated plywood and allows you to continue the construction project sooner.The colour of WeatherGuard treatment is transparent. The surface can be further treated with standard paints and other surface treatments applicable to wood products. Compatibility of the surface treatment shall be confirmed from the supplier. Before treating large areas, it is recommended to test with small sample.


During field tests in typical construction site settings, full size panels of Spruce WeatherGuard plywood panels were placed horizontally to simulate roof and/or floor structures. The 72-hour weathering test demonstrated that Spruce WeatherGuard plywood panels absorbed only half of the amount of water compared to untreated spruce plywood. Due to the lower moisture content of Spruce WeatherGuard also the needed drying period is shorter. In the tests the difference of the drying period duration was 48 hours.

Why to use water repellent plywood?

  • Water repellent surface temporarily protects the product from rain during construction period
    • treatment does not block water vapour movements
  • Reduced moisture intake and swelling
    • up to 60% reduction of water intake in rain
    • better dimensional stability results in enhanced assembly tolerances
    • shorter drying period before closing structures  faster building time and energy savings
    • lower risk of damage caused by wet structures
  • WeatherGuard treatment does not affect the strength properties, slip resistance, reaction to fire and corrosion of the fasteners compared to untreated spruce plywood
More Information
More Information
ManufacturerMetsä Wood
Length (mm)2440 mm
Width (mm)1220 mm
Thickness (mm)9 mm
Edge profileSquare edge
Glue classificationClass 3 (exterior)
Timber species, interiorSpruce
Timber species, veneerSpruce
Type of boardSoftwood Plywood
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